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Here is What You Get for Your Investment

TORCH is your full-time business partner, bringing numerous assets to you for about $30 a month over the course of a year. We all have the same issues, TORCH offers every member/provider:

  • answers and solutions
  • active on-line referral services to fill your properties
  • wholesale and value-added programs to save money
  • training for every phase of your professional growth as a provider – both on-line and in conference settings
  • help in legislative corridors and in regulatory offices
  • and more!

TORCH, What’s In It for You?

Money Matters

  • Group Pricing for Wholesale Purchasing on Medical Supplies (Gulf South/McKESSON)
  • Group Pricing with CARILOOP to generate Active Leads from Families and Social Workers/Discharge Planners
  • One-on-One Support and Materials to Build Your Census
  • Information, CEU Education and Provider/Staff Training
  • Networking to Build Your Community Visibility and Your Own Managerial and Care Partner Skills
  • And, in the Works are Group Pricing Agreements to Reduce Your Food Costs and a Second to Take You from Website Development to Comprehensive Resident Records and Assessments and Care Plans
  • Your Membership puts You Closer to the Driver’s Seat in Preventing Legislation and Regs that Reduce Your Effectiveness and Increase Operating Costs)as well as giving you opportunities to eliminate legislation that costs you money)

Being in the Know

  • A Newsletter Built for Business, Our Business
  • Prompt From-the-President’s Office Email Updates and Solutions on Regulations
  • Facebook Links and LinkedIn Coming Soon

Building Skills

  • 24-Hour Manager’s Course Available On Line
  • Monthly Chapter Meetings in Dallas
  • Help Desk for Q & A and Problem-Solving
  • Yearly Association Conference with 12 hours of Continuing Education
  • Management Manuals to Download

TORCH, What Else Is In It for You?

As a member of North Texas TORCH available services and benefits have always included at least:

  • Monthly Chapter meetings, providing support and sharing ideas to resolve problems
  • Business Partner memberships to build providers’ referral networks and standings in marketing ventures in the elder care services industry
  • Continuing updates on current Legislative Issues and Regulatory Changes
  • Website with membership roster and current information on North Texas TORCH activities and calendar of scheduled meetings and events.
  • Consistent visibility at community Expos and Health Fairs, Hospitals, Doctors Offices and Community Events
  • Bi-monthly newsletter with news and information of immediate importance to TORCH members, as well as TORCH services sponsors competitive pricing and product information
  • Access to a yearly educational conference in San Antonio, offering a minimum of 12 hours of continuing education credit for provider administrators and nursing home directors, nurses specialized education credits, social worker CEUs, and care providers
  • Opportunities to stand tall as the award-winning and jury-selected House of the Year

By mid-to-late 2013, the following enhancements were added:

  • REDUCING COSTS -- In 2012 a purchasing agreement was set in place with Gulf South Medical Services – a large medical supplies and equipment company offering discounted wholesale prices to TORCH provider and business partner members; Gulf South has since been bought out by McKesson, one of the ten largest Fortune 500 companies in the US. The company offers not only wholesale pricing, but also free delivery – taking providers out of the wholesale club parking lots for everything from consumable supplies to laundry equipment from SEARS. Both at the TORCH association level and the local chapter level discussions are turning into negotiations to bring more money-saving agreements forward to benefit providers. Local chapters can establish blanket discounts for area providers with alarm companies, pest control and heating/cooling services, liability insurance resources…it’s a long list. Local chapters are now being encouraged to create these value-added resources for their members. The state association can continue working on key services and commodities, like discounted food commodities, office supplies, staff uniforms and shoes
  • IMPROVING REFERRAL RESULTS AND BUILDING HOUSEHOLD CENSUS -- Building on a successful referral relationship in Lubbock, one involving social workers, area providers, and CARILOOP, the model is now moving throughout the state to create opportunities to bring providers, social workers/discharge planners, families and TORCH providers together in services relationships that care for family members. In Lubbock, social workers and discharge staff go on-line to CARILOOP, check for vacancies and make referrals for and with families. In Lubbock, providers have full houses. This is a community model, now building on similar relationships. Meetings have been initiated in Plano at Health South, in northwest Dallas at Medical City, and in the Dallas Medical District. CARILOOP is now a national referral network, and work continues to build those linkages in Dallas’ bedroom communities
  • ESTABLISHING AN ENHANCED NETWORK OF SUPPORTIVE SPONSORSHIPS AND BUSINESS PARTNERS – In 2012-2013 just under $20,000 flowed into the organization to build its educational, legislative, and regulatory programs. Those sponsors entered into a long-term partnership with TORCH. Not only did long-term members continue in those generous supportive roles, corporate sponsorships came in from Gulf South/McKesson, Superior Health Plan, and VITAS HOSPICE. The sponsorship program is continuing and some expansions are anticipated
  • LOOKING AT NEW WAYS TO MEET PROVIDER INFORMATION NEEDS – These efforts include, but are not limited to, offering a Help Desk at monthly meetings for problem-solving with members, creating a peer counseling effort to review and resolve shared issues called “What Happens at My House” and looking into other ways to reach out to assist members with census, and access to seasoned leadership and members with management skills
  • LAUNCHING A NEW WEBSITE FOR BOTH THE STATE ASSOCIATION AND THE LOCAL NORTH TEXAS CHAPTER – These websites can be your go-to spots for information and problem-solving that’s on-the-minute. The site will link with sponsors, it can link to a blog at the TORCH Facebook site, and it will help you make better use of LinkedIn. The website is here. The added features are coming very soon.
  • COMMENCING A MEMBERSHIP DRIVE TO BUILD PROVIDER ACCESS TO AVAILABLE SKILLS AND MANAGEMENT EXPERTISE – In November, 2013 a training session and membership drive was held at Windsor Senior Living. The event showcased Jeanoyce Wilson and Lin O’Neill. Almost 90 providers and business partners participated. Similar events are planned in Lubbock and Houston initially. Further outreach will go to Austin, San Antonio and under-represented Houston suburbs to accomplish the same objectives.

By the end of 2014, more enhancements are coming through the TORCH pipeline. Join Now! Be a part of something you’ll be proud to claim. It begins with you!
North Texas TORCH
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North Texas TORCH
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Fax: 972-620-2259