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Note to ALL New Members: We want you to input your personal profile information on the website. Please be aware, you will not be able to complete your provider or business partner profile until your application and check has been received. At that time your membership will be activated, and other business and advertising opportunities with TORCH will be available to you.

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Become a TORCH Member

North Texas TORCH welcomes a variety of members as a part of the organization. There are Provider Members who care for residents in residential assisted living communities or residential care homes. In addition, there is a network of Business Partners. They would be defined: An individual, organization, or business firm, not owning, operating, or representing the interests of a residential care facility, but having related interests in the residential care industry.

If one of those is you, and you are interested in becoming a Provider Member or Business Partner in North Texas TORCH, please click here to complete the membership application.

Don’t forget! If you are a North Texas TORCH Provider Member, you must be a member of the state association before joining North Texas TORCH.   Click hre to join the state asociation.

Once you have your North Texas TORCH membership application ready, please complete it and mail with your check to:

Provider Members:     Write $60 check to     NORTH TEXAS TORCH
Business Partners:     Write $120 check to     NORTH TEXAS TORCH
Att: Sandy Petersen
P. O. Box 1419
Rockwall, TX 75087

Welcome to North Texas TORCH! We look forward to a long and constructive relationship with you.


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North Texas TORCH
Tel: (214) 277-2413
Fax: 972-620-2259