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  • You’ll have ideas to fuel your success and put you in the winner’s circle
  • You’ll gain value that helps you maintain and build profitability
  • It’s all about you
  • It begins with you

Here’s your fundamental choice – and one or both will fuel your success. You can be an actively engaged member, working for your own and the association’s objectives. Or, you can be a supporting member – one who writes a check for membership every year to assure the defending legislative effort is made to protect your best interests. In so doing, you are also assuring educational resources are there to support your effectiveness and prosperity.

Either way, we need you…and you need us.

There’s no doubt about it!

You will...

Invest in yourself, when you invest in TORCH by

  • Having the right information at the right time -- that’s your prime asset for savvy decision-making and best practices
  • Adding to your services quality, building staff competencies, and, strengthening your own knowledge base
  • Escalating your capabilities and standing in the elder care industry
  • Operating more effectively, gaining from value-added money-saving and wholesale buying approaches, learning the ropes to develop marketing strategies, and long-term development.
  • Crossing thresholds and realizing more options to initiate and grow partnering and referral relationships with other TORCH members. And, beyond.
  • Building financial solutions to familiar issues with shared problem-solving and group effort

It’s a volatile industry. There’s something new virtually every day!

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North Texas TORCH
Tel: (214) 277-2413
Fax: 972-620-2259